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It can be difficult to know decipher between alcohol abuse problems and addiction. The disease of alcoholism is a chronic disease that can yield many relapses and ruin both the addict and their families' life. Those who may be classified as heavy drinkers are not necessarily alcoholics.

What defines an alcoholic is their mental obsession and physical craving for alcohol, all while their life becomes unmanageable due to their inability to stop on their own. Alcoholism like drug addiction is a brain disease that one does not put upon them self. It forms overtime and eventually requires treatment for successful long lasting abstinence.

Those who abuse alcohol may go on sprees or binges, but when faced with extreme difficulties, they are able to stop. When someone suffers from any form of addiction, this is not the case. They may be at risk of losing their job, their spouse or even begin to have health issues, and it may be out of their control whether or not they are able to abstain from drinking.

Much like cancer, there are different degrees of alcohol abuse and addiction. Those with milder cases may be able to "white knuckle" it for a few months and eliminate drinking, but when an alcoholic begins drinking again, they will find they are back to where they started.

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Why Rehab?

There is currently no known cure for the disease of addiction, but living a happier and healthier life is possible when given the necessary recovery tools. The first part of treatment for alcoholism is the detoxification process. The body has become dependent for alcohol and can experience a variety of symptoms of withdrawal.

At a detox facility, medical professionals are on hand to help make this process as safe and comfortable as possible. Once they have conducted a mental evaluation and physical exam, they can plan the best course of action for detoxifying the body. This is an important stage of rehabilitation in order to clear the mind and the body.

The effects of long-term alcoholism causes changes in the person's brain. They cause the person to compulsively drink for a variety of different reasons. Relapse triggers can include certain activities, sights, certain emotions and even smells. Through inpatient alcohol treatment, you will learn how to handle these situations in healthier ways. Rehabilitation from alcoholism is about retraining the brain to have new reactions to situations that were once solved by alcohol.

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