Tampa Man Sells Cocaine From Business

A Tampa man is facing drug charges after Hillsborough County deputies said he was selling cocaine from his sportswear store in Carrollwood. Victor Cedeno had 13.6 grams of cocaine and a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his pocket when he was arrested. He is being held at the Hillsborough County Jail on $37,500 bond.

Substance abuse can take a terrible toll on a person and everyone around them in more ways than could be counted. Cocaine abuse affects a person's mind, body and spirit and can do irreparable damage to their health even over a short time. Cocaine abuse is popular as the drug is readily available and can be purchased for reasonably small sums of money. It is never a good idea to get involved with an illicit drug as there is certainly no upside to its inclusion in a person's life. Cocaine abuse can easily lead to an addiction, as the substance is highly addictive and dealers are more than happy to have a new, recurring customer.

If you are abusing cocaine, seek out addiction treatment in Tampa Bay area. You won't regret it.

Side Effects Of Cocaine Abuse

There are many physical side effects of cocaine abuse and using or especially binging on the drug can lead to an overdose and death. Drug rehabilitation centers routinely work with individuals who have been abusing cocaine or have become addicted as it is the second highest used illicit drug after marijuana. With the potential for marijuana to become legal in the United States as a whole based on recent legalization in several states, cocaine may soon become number one on the list. The best way to avoid abusing cocaine is to never try the drug in the first place.

Due to the immediate effects cocaine has on a person, they may take more risks than they usually would when they aren't high. Cocaine gives people a sense of mental acuity and confidence in their ability to complete a task. Driving under the influence of coke can be very dangerous as a person will believe they can drive and maneuver the car better than usual and at speeds that wouldn't be recommended for a sober person on a racetrack.


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