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Though alcoholism has been a societal problem for centuries, it has only recently entered the same categorization of addiction that houses drug problems. Because alcohol is so widely available and it is socially acceptable to drink—even to overdrink—it is much harder to classify and regulate than other addictions. It is, however, as dangerous, and even more dangerous than other dependencies. Alcohol dependency can even be inherited from parents. It was this discovery that finally solidified alcoholism as a disease and addiction just like any other.

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How Does Alcohol Dependency Develop?

Alcohol dependency develops just like any other addiction. For many, drinking begins as a social habit and then extends to a social necessity, and then finally, is used to replace relationships and drown out honest feelings. The true enigma of alcoholism is that many people can drink socially without a problem, while others can take one drink and become addicted.

Dependency is a result of many factors, including genes, physiological predispositions, and social pressures. Some people inherit their alcoholism, others are simply more impulsive and their brains and bodies become easily addicted to substances, while others succumb to pressure to drink more and more until their body develops an addiction to the alcohol.

How to Tell If Treatment Is Necessary

The most obvious sign that someone is need is treatment is lying. This spans all addictions, but is especially relevant when it comes to alcohol. Obviously, heroin addicts are going to lie about their use, but when someone feels the need to lie about how much they drink, it is probably because it has developed beyond their control. When drinking is used to alter the mood, or if when sober, the person is especially irritable, it is likely that alcohol has become more than just a social lubricant.

Tampa Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Methods

Though detoxification is generally believed to be necessary only for drugs, it is also vitally important for those who are seeking alcohol addiction treatment. Because detoxification from alcohol can be uncomfortable, drug rehab centers will often provide medications to help mitigate the effects. After you have a taste of true sobriety, most programs include education about the nature of alcoholism and counseling sessions.

Most psychologists believe that if they can find the root of the alcohol addiction, they can help alcoholics deal with those problems without the need to self-medicate. Education and therapy sessions are designed to help addicts understand the seriousness of their addictions and to realize that there are healthier ways to deal with problems that will not wreak psychological and physical havoc on their bodies.

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