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Why Choose Alcohol Inpatient Treatment?

Alcohol inpatient treatment is a necessity for the physically addicted individual who needs detox services and an inpatient treatment program. It's a good fit for a person who has tried outpatient counseling without much success or who requires a more intensive and structured level of care. Alcohol inpatient treatment removes you from stressful and negative circumstances that feed the urge to drink. Inpatient care provides a supportive, caring community in a safe setting to focus on alternative healing therapies and your long-term goal of complete abstinence from alcohol.

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What Happens in an Inpatient Setting?

Alcohol inpatient treatment has many components, beginning with supervised detoxification from alcohol. The staff at the facility will tailor a treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Your program treatment will include a combination of counseling, individual and group therapies, social and recreational activities, and team building skills. They will also provide you with recovery tools that include setting up AA meetings and designing a comprehensive plan for relapse prevention for returning back home.

How Long Does It Take to Get Well?

Typical stays are approximately 4 to 28 days, but can last as much as 12 months. While alcoholism has no cure, it can be effectively managed to give you the tools to stop drinking and equip you with relapse prevention strategies. There may not be a cure for alcohol abuse and dependence, but there is healing for you and your loved ones from the effects of alcohol abuse. You will have a nurturing, supportive network that will encourage you to stay on task as you learn to live a sober lifestyle.

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