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Drug detox is the first step to living a life free of drugs and alcohol. Many consider it to be one of the most difficult steps towards sobriety, but it is also the most necessary step. However, because it is often perceived as uncomfortable to the point of pain and sickness, many people will refuse treatment simply because they do not want to undergo detoxification. The importance of this step cannot be overstated. It gives addicts a clean slate, a true understanding of what it feels like to have all drugs or alcohol out of their system. Avoiding treatment because of this short, vital step is not advised, especially with the advancements made in medicine and treatments to help shorten drug detox.

All alcohol and drug centers will require a detoxification regimen before real treatment can begin. Even if you have only been addicted to a substance for a short time, the drug or alcohol has made serious changes to your mind and body. These changes will remain after drug detox, but the only way treatment can begin to help you is if you have all traces of the addictive substance out of your body.

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What Happens During Drug Detox?

After you are evaluated by the professionals at the treatment facility they will come up with a plan for your detoxification. If you have any medical issues, they will take these into account. Keep in mind that at a center, you never have to go through drug detox alone, as you would if you tried to become sober on your own. Tampa addiction treatment centers will discuss your options with you.

The professionals will also evaluate what kind of physical toll the drugs have taken on your body, and what effect these might have as you begin the process. Then, they will implement your plan. For some individuals, simply going off the drugs and taking the withdrawal symptoms in stride is the best path. Others may need more supervision and even medications to help with their symptoms.

During drug detox, most facilities limit your movement around the facility and contact with the outside world. In this first step, you are to focus on your treatment. Because of this, inpatient alcohol treatment is recommended after detox to maintain complete focus for the patient.

Are There Medications to Help the Drug Detox Process?

Those who are addicted to alcohol and to specific kinds of drugs are often prescribed medication to help them come down from addiction. There are drugs that can help minimize cravings and even combat the most brutal withdrawal symptoms. Doctors are very careful and reserved with these medications, however, as it would be pointless to replace one addiction with another. Additionally, seeking alcohol and drug rehab is always recommended as the second step, followed by enrollment in a relapse prevention program.

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