Addictive Substances in Your Home Tampa FL

Common Addictive Substances Found in Your Home

There are many addictive substances in your home that could be generating addictive behaviors. Disposing of old prescriptions and unused medicine as well as using lock boxes, and other safety precautions are all ways of making sure you are taking precautions to prevent addiction.Call (877) 804-1531 for more information.

Many youth and teen drug or alcohol addictions begin with testing out parent or sibling leftovers. Prescription drug abuse is now being described as a health epidemic and many can contribute it to how easily the medicine is to obtain. Everyone can say that they are guilty of keeping a medication in the cabinet even though they probably aren't taking it anymore. The center for Drug Abuse Prevention says that proper disposal of unused or old prescriptions are key ways of preventing abuse of those medications.

Now there are designated drop-offs where you can confidently dispose of old medicines. If you do not have the time for that simply flush them down the toilet. If you are still using medications properly, consider keeping them in a prescription lock box where only you have access. These boxes can be purchased at most local convenience stores such as CVS or Walgreens.

Having alcohol in the house is not uncommon but parents should be weary of teenagers becoming curious and testing out what is in the liquor cabinets. Alcohol addiction doesn't happen overnight but if your child is struggling with emotions and decides to seek alcohol as a means of coping, you may be making it readily available. Keep alcohol in a safe and secure place; also be sure to speak with your children about alcohol and the dangers of underage drinking.

Cough medicine and inhalants are also substances of abuse that are available in many homes. If you suspect that your child is abusing these substances speak with them and be sure to keep them out of their way. The cough syrup abuse craze has been hyped recently by pop culture to teens and young adults but the truth is that it has serious consequences. Last year alone the Florida Poison Information Center in Tampa saw 500 cases of cough medicine abuse.

Tips for safe practices at home with prescription and over the counter medicine as well as other substances such as alcohol and inhalants:

1-Read the Label: medicines containing DXM come in multiple forms including liquid gels, capsules, liquid and lozenges. If there is a stop medicine abuse label you should be aware to store carefully.

2-Take Inventory: Recognize what substances of abuse you have available in your house and how much of them. If you notice absent or low levels appearing there may be abuse occurring.

3-Store Safely: keep out of reach and store in a place where only you or another adult have access to the substances. This will make your home safer and also make it easier to monitor your substances.

If you suspect that someone in your home is struggling with drug abuse or substance abuse contact Drug Treatment Centers Tampa for help regarding recovery from addiction and locating a treatment center. Call (877) 804-1531.

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